Sunday, November 15, 2015

Wide of the Mark

After a large two week grocery shopping event this morning, unpacking and putting it all away, I still needed three more items as they were out of stock at the store we visited.

1. Graham Cracker Crumbs (The last time I needed some I had to smash my own, never thinking that I could have put them in the food processor!)
2. Ground Cloves

3. String Beans - whole - not cut, not French cut, not fancy cut, WHOLE. I want to try pickling them like I pickle red beets. I don’t want to make ‘dilly beans, either, just sweet pickled beans.

So, I took off again this afternoon to a market about 12 miles away, where I found things in the past that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I left home at 3pm and planned to scout the store completely and not rush through.  I returned at 4:30pm to a frantic Mister who came outdoors to greet me as I exited the car and was visibly upset. When I left, he was in the shower and knew where I was going and that I was leaving right then.

“Where have you been?? Why haven’t you called?? I have telephoned the state police, thinking you might have been in an accident. YOU WERE GONE FOUR AND A HALF HOURS!!!!!”

Guess what? He really thought that, and time got away in his brain drain. I was flabbergasted and called him a fool and told him when I left - EXACTLY WHEN. Then I had to back off because he was still insisting I left at 1pm!! And getting angrier.

Things have calmed down now and he FINALLY admitted he made a mistake. I’ll say! Now I know what it is like to be accused of a crime you didn’t commit! Well, almost.

No dessert for him tonight. I have ways……..
These are the Golden Years!


  1. oh, dear. well, at least he worried for you!

  2. You could turn this into a running soap opera. How will he react to no desert?! (Cue organ music) Stay tuned!