Saturday, November 26, 2016

Grindin' & Cookin'

Yes, I am pretty sure you don't shiv a git but I must keep going until the job is finished.  Today I dug out my old Gem food chopper. I like it way better to grind the turkey pieces than the electric food processor. The pieces are more consistent and much nicer to work with later on than what the processor does to them. 
Gem Food Chopper 20
Sargent & Co.
Patented Apr.25 1899
comes with 5 cutters
Made by Sargent & Co. (on Handle)
click on image to view larger
AND...we had turkey salad sandwiches for lunch.  The bones and scraps simmered all day in the stock pot and have been strained through the colander. Now the broth is sitting outside to cool so tomorrow I can skim the fat off and add vegetables and rice and create a gallon and 1/2 of soup! 

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  1. I have one like that somewhere. I haven't seen it in years. I'll have to look.