Saturday, September 12, 2015

Like Mother Like Daughter(s)...

All of my children have been to the beach and ocean since they were little. I gave them a taste of the salt air and waters whenever I could. It is ingrained in me and now them. My mother took me many times to Asbury Park, NJ even as I was a baby! She had her best girlfriend to stay with because that wonderful "aunt" had a place in Ocean Grove.

And so it goes... The grandchildren love the ocean and beach as well.

Recently two of my "girls" had a short visit to celebrate their birthdays in May. They told me it was very windy and cold but enjoyed it just the same.

These two ladies are similar in their tastes for pets. Like me! Their pets are family members. Like mine! Their children have many pets as well.
This is SNOW! Bengal breed.
You've already met Charlie and this is "Lexi."

Both ladies are excellent cooks and bakers too. BRAG! BRAG! I'm very proud of them.


  1. you should be proud of them and their sweet animals, too. :)

  2. nice never been to ocean always wanted to go