Friday, April 12, 2013

The Turkeys are Coming!

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Yesterday afternoon my husband looked out the kitchen window and saw a rafter of turkeys in the field next to the treeline on the hill  across the lake. He tried counting them, using his binoculars but they were intermingling and so he just guessed there were about 50-100.

Soon after, I looked out and saw that there was a small number on the road, down from the hill and snatched my camera to catch them.

Because it was raining so hard, I had to stay in the carport, and zoom in. I don't have the capacity in my camera or knowledge to really get great pictures, and as soon as the hens saw me with my white sweatshirt (I know they did) they ran for a few steps and then flew far away into the woods behind the cabin. 

Dummy TOM just ran along the dam road! He RAN down the bank in a panic and disappeared! It was funny! 

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  1. The wild turkey is rather magnificent I think.