Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Back at it!

Fooling around with pictures again. It was raining very hard all day so I just played and didn't bake at all.  Meg, on the Made by Meg Sea Glass Jewelry page, has been doing sketches and incorporating her sea glass within the sketches. I was inspired to make a photo manipulation with a couple of her sketches. She doesn't mind that I do this, and encouraged me. The first two used her cattail sketch and my swan and egret photos.
Then I got carried away with her crab sketch!

I even made some moving gifs and am learning more how to make these. Then...being on a roll...I played with a Great Granddaughter's picture. 
(Don't forget to click on image to view larger)

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  1. Hey these are great! I enjoy playing with pictures as well but my photo program is real stone age. I particularly like the last one.