Saturday, September 20, 2014

Keepin' Busy

I made a Spinach Quiche last night for supper. Only six nights ago I made a Kale Quiche. We shared the Kale dish with neighbors and they loved it. That inspired me to make another. It is an easy dish and very filling. We couldn't tell the difference between them either!


It was another very windy day on the beach and a few brave souls were enjoying the surf and views.

Please click on image to view larger!


  1. Wow, the surf looks rough. Beautiful pictures of the beach. The quiche looks yummy.

  2. Your quiche looks delicious. That's one thing that I haven't tried to make yet so I'll have to find a recipe soon. I love the pictures of the waves... so beautiful... :)

  3. Those are beautiful pictures.
    I'm hungry.