Saturday, November 10, 2012

Upon Return...

Well, we are the lucky ones here in PA! Sandy came and went without damage.  We're getting the yard messes all cleaned up. I should say that HUSBAND is getting it done. All I have done is repair the wind chimes and whirlygigs and cover the porch glider and hang my pine cone wreath on the pillar post. A busy beaver has been chewing on the beachfront poplar tree so a wire deterrent is now placed around the trunk. If he gets it to fall, it will likely go one of two ways - across the road or into the lake. We can't have that!  
This photo was taken last winter and shows the tree (far left).

Click on photos for larger views.

The on/off switch on the outdated light fixture over the kitchen sink bit the dust. My live in Mr. Fix-it took it all apart and then had to run to town for a replacement. Needless to say, he is NOT an electrician by any means, and after my help getting the framework put back together, it blew the circuit breaker - 3 times! At least he knew to shut it off while working. It seems as if he had stretched a wire too tight and it "somehow" touched the metal surface. Ok! I'm rambling, but you get my point! Bless his heart - finally success. Now I can see to wash dishes - haha!
This photo shows how important that old fixture really is. I sure was hoping to not have to get a new fixture. Love the old stuff.

I have almost forgotten how to run my computer. No kidding! I was able to sort and upload most of my SC photos, though

This shoulder gives me constant ache - like a dull toothache, but I can deal with it. My main concern is that my sciatica nerve on my right side keeps going into spasms - most likely due to shoulder injury or because my sacroiliac is out (again-lifelong problem). I go to chiropractor on Monday and hope he can relieve the nerve pressure. When I first get out of bed in the morning, I simply cannot bear weight on my right leg. It eases up after about 2 hours of collywobbling and I then function OK.   Sorry you asked??? You didn't ask? Oops! Pity party over now


  1. Good to see a post from you. I hope you are feeling better soon.!

  2. Oh, I didn't see your post before I emailed you already know how EXCITED I am that you are back home with your computer, my blogging email buddy!!! I have missed you so much. I couldn't tell it because I didn't write you back....I did have good intentions. As a matter of fact, your letter is still by my lamp on my night stand. I think I will have it bronzed and leave it there permanently to remind me of how quickly time gets away when you intend to do something later. :) So sorry for being such a horrible pen pal....but I'm a great email get those fingers back into action. I need to know when I misspell and what it is that I am taking pictures of! Hugs, hugs, and more hugs. :) huge smile. really glad you are back.