Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Resulting Thank You Card.

So SWEET! K-3 challenged kids who call themselves my "Peer Pals."



Elementary School Project

Hi My Out of State Friends!

One of my dearest friends and neighbor is a school teacher and the Lifeskills class is doing a project where they are trying to receive a postcard from every state in America. If any of you would like to help them by sending their class a postcard from your state, they would greatly appreciate it and send you a personal thank you note. Their address is:

Lathrop Street Elementary

c/o Mrs. Benninger/Mrs. Petrewski

130 Lathrop Street

Montrose, PA 18801

Be sure to put a return address on your card and they will reply!

Thank you so much for your time and involvement in this project. I would really like for you to participate. Gere

By the way, I have really nice personal friends in TN, GA, WV, KY, WI, SC, CT, NC, VA, OH, NY, FL and more. I'll contact them via e-mail messages. I don't have anyone in MA, TX, or IL. This is why I'm hoping you'll participate.


  1. I feel as small as this print....I copied down the address and then set it aside and forgot all about it. Darn. Sorry that I didn't ever get that sent.

    1. I don't think it is way too late. The school goes on until Mid June. Better late than never! :-|

    2. I came here to comment on your comment on buttercups, and here is a reply to my's not too late? Well, I will look tonight to see if I have a postcard because I DO have stamps....if I do, I'll get it in the mail tomorrow!

      Now, about the threw me there....figured I had been lied to all my life and that little flower was really something entirely different...but, no, we are BOTH right! There are MANY kinds of what we commonly call "buttercup"....I looked it up on Wikipedia and I am astonished at how many different places it grows and how many different looks they have. And it is more of a pink than and orchid color....and leaves lots of yellow pollen on your nose to prove you smelled it! :)

    3. I'm STILL confused! I too went to Wikipedia and only see yellow ones?????

      Other sites don't tell about pink ones at ll. Where did you research?? Please send me your info. I'm just too plain curious to let it go!

      Here's my results:

      From Wikipedia:
      They are mostly herbaceous perennials with bright yellow or white flowers (if white, still with a yellow centre); some are annuals or biennials. A few species have orange or red flowers.
      More info Buttercup Flowers:

  2. uh-hem....well, you have now convinced me that not only have I been lied to all my life, but I am either crazy of seeing things! I did go back to Wikipedia and you are right...what did I see the other night???? I went to the link at the bottom of the page and it has all the different types of buttercups and where they are found....I guess I was tired or something and thought one of the white buttercups was light pink. SO....I googled "flowering weeds in Texas" and came up with this site:
    If you scroll down to the pink flowers and click where it says "thumbnails" you will see that the weed I was told was a buttercup for 46 years now is actually an evening primrose. I am going to let my mother, who is fixing to be 78 know that she has misinformed me my entire life!!! lol Thanks for questioning this so I will no longer be spreading a lie!!

    And I mailed the post card yesterday, so they have one stragler coming in from Texas!

    1. Let it go...your mom would feel bad. I couldn't let it go because I'm waaaay too curious and do know a bit about wildflowers - thanks to MY mom. There is no cure for my curiosity except to find answers.

    2. I looked up evening primroses and saw that they could be mistaken for the yellow buttercup! Mission accomplished!

  3. Several years ago my husband in his weed whacking endeavors whacked down and pulled out a row of yellow flowers that my dad had planted all along the outside of the far cabin wall. Pop called them "sundrops." Now I find out that they are the same as the evening primroses! How about that!