Sunday, January 1, 2012

CCC=Cookie Cutter Craft

New Year's Day Project

Today, I had great plans to take down, wrap and store the Christmas and holiday decorations and ornaments for another year. Of course, I was derailed again, as I unusually am! My mind demanded that I act on an idea that just popped into it and that I act immediately! So, the beds are not made, the ornaments and decorations aren't put away and I'm working on a craft project. Now, it's not one that is detailed, or really done with much talent at all. It is one I have done previously, but this time is a little newer and different.

My grandmother's gingerbread man cookie cutter was temporarily stored in a junk drawer (everyone has one of these) to make room on the upright beam between the kitchen and dining area to hang an ornament. As I took the ornament down, I remembered what I had there in the first place and grabbed Mr. Cookie Cutter.

After designing 3 men, I retraced my star and then designed a new fish. I then made the templates you see here on posterboard. My next step will be to go the craft store and buy some 1/4" foam sheets on which to trace the designs and cut the shapes. The next trip will be to purchase some inexpensive CD disks.

For some reason that I can't really explain, I love to see these hanging and spinning in the wind, sparkling with the rainbow colors and flashing when the sun hits them in a certain way. They can be mesmerizing. And fun to make!


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